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  • Research
    VITRIMAT: Two PhD students tackle non-recyclable plastics

    To address the issue of plastic recycling, the IMP and CP2M laboratories bank on an innovative European doctoral training program, coordinated by Prof. Eric Drockenmuller.

  • Research, Education
    An innovative medical mask prototype made by students

    As part of the M2 MAP 3D/2D course, from 2019 to 2020, two classes of students designed and produced an innovative medical mask in conjunction with two research structures at Lyon 1.

  • University
    Historic instruments of the Observatory

    The Astronomical and meteorological observatory of Lyon was founded in 1878 in the district of Saint-Genis-Laval. It is located in the heart of a 4-hectare park with 500 trees and bushes, and has 21 buildings and over 40 instruments that have been classified or recorded as historic monuments.

  • University
    History of the Claude Bernard Lyon 1 university

    The Claude Bernard Lyon 1 university was founded by decree in December 1970. It is named after the famous physiologist born in 1813 in Saint-Julien-en-Beaujolais.

  • Education
    At the cutting edge of learning with simulation in the field of healthcare

    The Centre Lyonnais d’Enseignement par la Simulation en Santé [the Centre for teaching using simulation in healthcare of Lyon - CLESS] of the Claude Bernard Lyon 1 university enables healthcare students to learn using simulation. Thanks to lifelike dummies and two immersive technical platforms, the students can learn by way of very realistic medical simulations.

  • Research
    The CIRI is at the forefront in fighting the Ebola virus

    The Centre International de Recherche en Infectiologie (International centre for infectiology research - CIRI) brings together almost 300 researchers to advance the understanding of infectious diseases so they can be better controlled.

  • Education
    Teaching global tectonics with 3D videos and apps

    Learning or teaching the Earth is playing with sphericity, with scale changes or complex geometries such as minerals, faults, volcanoes. Geosciences3D is a project that develops innovative tools for teaching and learning problems involving solid geometry.

  • University
    Lyon dental museum

    The history of dental art is sufficiently rich for important parts of it to be preserved and for a specific place to be dedicated to it.

  • University
    Museum of the History of Medicine and Pharmacy

    Towards the end of the 19th Century, Alexandre Lacassagne came up with the idea of a Museum of the History of Medicine and Pharmacy, and then, around 1896, he managed to turn this idea into reality. The museum was originally within the newly-built faculty on the Quai Claude Bernard.

  • University
    The old collection from the university library

    The old collection of the university library brings together a large number of rare works, books and illustrated plates. The remarkable works include: the surgery of Guy de Chauliac published in 1538; the dissection of parts of the body by Charles Estienne (1546) and de humani corporis fabrica by Vesale (1555).

  • University
    Old physics and physiology equipment

    Studying the nature of things, through experiment, whether the objects of the study be inanimate or animate, is a passion that physicists and physiologists share. The special characteristics of the functioning of human being incite biologists to turn into physicists if necessary. In return, physicists have provided physiologists with equipment such as the spectroscope, which enables the various states of haemoglobin to be studied, an experiment carried out by Claude Bernard during his famous Lessons.

  • Campus
    Lyon, the city for successful studies in France

    Choosing a city to study is a strategic decision. With its internationally renowned establishments, relying on strong competitiveness clusters, Lyon can offer excellent benefits for students. The city's attractiveness is boosted by a recognised quality of life for all, and a flourishing network of associations, of which there are over 9,200! The University of Lyon is the 2nd research centre in France, in particular in sciences and the Claude Bernard Lyon 1 university is the largest with its 40,000 students spread over 12 sites.